What is Pull & Travel?

Pull & Travel is a travel TV game show where four teams will compete to win their dream holiday. The challenge? Going on vacation! Too easy? Not if chance decides your destination, your budget and the length of your trip.

  • How does it work?

In each episode, a special slot machine will decide the fate of each team: on the three reels there will be displayed the destination of the trip, its length (including the journey to and from) and the amount of money the production will give them to undertake the challenge.

  • Who will win?

Each team will have to document (by themselves, they will not be followed by a crew) their journey thus creating video blogs that will be published on the program website for everyone to see. Also, the best bits, will be broadcast in one of the TV episodes.

The audience from home and the one in the studio, will be able to vote for their favourite team or to attribute votes to single videos of different teams. The team which will score the highest total number of votes will win.

  • What is the prize?

The winning team will have the opportunity to have a team of expert travel agents organize their dream holiday… and did we mention that everything will be paid for by the production?).

  • OK, so some people go on holiday and we get to watch the videos… where is the fun?

Well, firstly, the budget the slot will assign to each team will not always be sufficient for the whole journey, therefore the contestants will be forced to find non-conventional ways of transport and even consider working for part of their journey (such as waiting on a transatlantic ship to pay for their travel while reaching the destination).

Furthermore, the destinations will not always be jet-setters’ spotlights but will include quirky, remote or downright bizarre places.

In addition, a certain amount of points, will be assigned to the team which will document their taking part in peculiar activities typical of their destination (e.g participate  in a rodeo) or found unusual spots.

Header image: © ValentinValkov РFotolia.com


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